SEO Tips

SEO Tips

7 Things about SEO that Your Boss Wants to Know

With so much hype about SEO, does your boss know exactly what it is and how certain SEO tips could help to improve his business? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a key element for any business who wants to thrive in today’s online world. SEO will also help to sustain a business and business brand, long-term. SEO is a mixture of techniques and strategies used in a website to increase the amount of visitors to that website by achieving a high ranking in the search results page. Simply put, SEO will allow a website to be found easier on the Internet. It aids in generating the right kind of traffic, or visitors, to the website, therefore helping your business to boom! With NBAYS you will be able to handle all your SEO needs even more efficiently, giving your online business portal the boost it needs.

Listed below are few SEO tips and hints that will make it easy for your boss to understand the importance of this whole SEO concept.

  • Grooming the website

The of the first SEO tips is to groom the website for SEO. This helps with organising your website in such a way that it is easily found and placed correctly in the search engine results. Websites aren’t usually built just for SEO purposes, however if your website can reach your much needed target audience and beyond, it will be money well spent.  You can follow our other SEO tips to align your website so that it is listed within the first few pages of the search engine results.

  • SEO and its essentials:

SEO falls into 2 categories; On the page and off the page SEO. On page SEO deals with content, architecture, design and technology. Off page tools include back links, social media and personal and social factors.

Let’s look at a couple of these in detail:

a) Content

  • Rich
  • Unique
  • Research based
  • Specific and interesting

b) Architecture:

It is important that the search engine is able to crawl through the webpages easily and smoothly. This allows the search engine to easily read your website therefore giving it a better ranking, which will further ensure that your business lands on or close to the first page of the search results.

c) Off Page SEO

In a similar fashion, off page SEO factors must be authentic and easily traceable. Keyword stuffing, or creating false links can also push your website rating backwards and also might end up blacklisting it altogether.

By considering these SEO tips you should be able to deal with any issues effectively.

  • Keyword research:

This is one of the important elements, and one of the great SEO tips. By using the right keywords in the content there is a higher chance that your website will get picked up by the search engines. But what is crucial, is that you pick the right keywords and repeat them through the content in a smooth, seemingly natural way. The content must give the users what they are looking for as well as enable the website to gain more traffic.

  • Search engine rankings:

These SEO tips should help you gain a better understanding of the rating system. There are various factors that go into deciding exactly where your website is ranked. It varies from how many visits your website has had, how many times it has been shared, how long the users are spending on the site, the location of the user, website content, keywords and so on.

  • Social media:

This is another great tool that is directly linked to SEO. The responses to your website through social media has a huge influence on the success of your website. Social media promotions and campaigns through your website can boost the ranking immensely. This is one of the major SEO tips that you must always keep in mind to be able to promote your website in the best way possible.

  • Back linking, HTML:

It is so important that the back links to your website that allow users to connect, are valid and authentic, whether they be through blogs or social media. The links must not be irrelevant or just added to the website in order to try and increase the rating of the website. Similarly, the same applies to HTML codes and Meta descriptions.

  • Violations:

We have saved one of the most significant SEO tips to last; As much as SEO is important, you must also understand that any kind of wrong practice can cost a lot and be damaging to your brand image online. Due to website malpractices your website might receive a negative rating which can push it further down. Search engines can also blacklist websites, which is something that your business definitely cannot afford.

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If you are looking for more SEO tips and SEO help for your website, contact the experts at NBAYS!

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